Square trying to connect with a Circle

I am like a square trying to connect with a circle! I often wonder at my own curious character and how I have not developed the ability to build friendships the conventional way! I do have lots of people around me who I think of as friends but there is a distinct lack of long lasting deep friendships in my life and always have been through all of its twists and turns. This used to be a problem which I dwelled on and dragged my down often into dark moods and lonely places, now I am at peace with ‘who I am’ and I focus more on the ‘why am I?’.

A thought came to me and I likened myself to a square trying to fit into circle! Bits of me fit in and in lots of different ways but fundamentally I am not able to fit completely and therefore create a link, which symbolises the bond of friendship. There are lots of circles who fit into other circles and bond to form long lasting friendships and these circles link with other circles and create friendship groups. Outside of these circles you find those of us who are squares! We want to fit into the circles but we simply cannot and some of the circles want to fit with us and try but after trying and trying and failing they gravitate back to their linking circle of friends. We are still on the periphery of the circle of friends but never actually become part of the circle.

This describes the ‘who am I’ but I want to understand the ‘why’ and I think that this journey of discovery, which is just beginning, will be a very interesting one.

Are you a circle or a square?

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